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Date: 2018-01-10 11:24

8775 Then, just the other day, several items came my way that relate how a writer for the student newspaper at Texas State University at San Marcos, one Rudy Martinez [a Latino], demanded that white people “die.” 8776

See the world in black and white with a striking

Another billionaire who married a black woman is Edgar Bronfman Jr, CEO of Seagram Beverage Company, Warner Music Group, etc.  His father, whom he inherited the business from, warned him not to marry to black actress Sherry Brewer.  The marriage lasted a little over a decade.

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8775 But I join you in welcoming the growth of online ed to the extent that it undermines the anti-white, anti-liberty, simply perverted physical universities that have been confusing and brainwashing our youth to hate their own people and culture and to turn away from normal sexuality and family life. 8776

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Yet, that is the result of common property, not private property. A fish farm or private timber holding is managed for maximum sustained yield.

Although I am loving this whole thing, I dont think that it is cool that it is being bragged about because that trend could turn in the other direction instead of continue to grow.  I think that sharing it between a bunch of black women but having it out on facebook to piss people off is probably not such a good move.

If anything the so called BLM and Antifa types would do well to read and re-read the chapters in Wretched on the pitfalls of violence and the 8766 revolutionary 8776 class that is incapable of running the systems they think they want to destroy.

6. ONLY send the story of how YOU have been scammed.
If you have not been scammed but only suspect you are being scammed, click here.

The reason 8775 Marxism 8776 can drift from an alleged class struggle to a race struggle to a gender struggle or what have you is that Marxism is a divide-and-conquer strategy where people are merely objects to attain ends.

As long as uncivilized/explotive non Whites were a small minority in a Western White society, White societies could tolerate it and move on. But in those cases, such non Whites are a huge minority or a majority, the most effective social method White people had was segregation/apartheid. But clannish populations like Arabs or Pakistanis do not need apartheid, their social natures have prepared them for thousands of years for living in multicultural/ multiracial environments.

Haha! Maybe I 8767 m aiming too low and should try to get myself a billionaire 😀
I would love to know how these couples met (the non celebrity ones!) as I find it difficult to let average rainbeaus know I am interested non-the-less the billionaire ones

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