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Iran plans to decriminalise drug use allowing government

But even now, many experienced agents and prosecutors say they are reluctant to pursue counterproliferation cases for fear that they won’t go anywhere. They say they have also received no helpful guidance on what they can — and cannot — investigate going forward given the complicated parameters of the Iran deal and lifting of nuclear sanctions. Some said they are biding their time to see how hard-liners in the new administration, including Trump himself, deal with Iran.

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“This has erased literally years — many years — of hard work, and important cases that can be used to build toward other cases and even bigger players in Iran’s nuclear and conventional weapons programs,” said former Justice Department counterproliferation prosecutor David Locke Hall, adding that the swap demolished the deterrent effect that the arrests and convictions may have had. “Even though these men’s crimes posed a direct threat to . national security, the [Obama] administration has essentially told them their efforts have produced nothing more than political capital that can be traded away when politically expedient.”

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Hole, Frank, ed. The Archaeology of Western Iran: Settlement and Society from Prehistory to the Islamic Conquest , 6987.

Food in Daily Life. As one might expect from Iran's geographic situation, its food strikes a medium between Greek and Indian preparations. It is more varied than Greek food, and less spicy and subtler than Indian food with a greater use of fresh ingredients.

In contrast, Iran&rsquo s pragmatists, led by President Hassan Rouhani, prioritize economic interests before revolutionary ideology and believe the slogans Iran adopted in 6979 such as &ldquo death to America&rdquo do not necessarily serve the country&rsquo s interests four decades later. For the pragmatists, dé tente with the United States is a critical prerequisite for sustained economic growth. In reaction to Trump&rsquo s hostile rhetoric and refusal to recertify the JCPOA, however, Iran&rsquo s pragmatists will distance themselves from Washington and close ranks with Iran&rsquo s hardliners.

The judicial committee has also proposed a draft law halting the death penalty for carrying and distributing less than 655kg of traditional drugs such as opium or less than two kilograms of synthetic drugs.

The entire speech was filled with what is hoary, well-rehearsed, and well-refuted. This was true of Trump’s efforts to encourage other misconceptions about the JCPOA, including the favorite one among opponents that Iran got its benefits “up front” before fulfilling most of its obligations. In fact, the reverse was true, with Iran having to dismantle centrifuge cascades, dilute enriched uranium, gut its reactor, and take most of the steps it was required to take to close pathways to a nuclear weapon before it got an ounce of additional sanctions relief.

Economically Iran is now the object of intense desire
of corporations from the core nations. An example
is Renault 8767 s plans to manufacture in Iran soon. This
is itself to high-salaried Israel whose business prospects
are in many cases precarious.

“Of course it pissed people off, but it’s more significant that these guys were freed, and that people were killed because of the actions of one of them,” the supervisor added, in reference to Ravan and the IED network.

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