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Lucknow is another area that i spend my weekend at there is a butcher shop and the bakery as well the ladies that run it are mennonite for sure!

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I live in woodstock New Brunswick Canada and there is a old order Amish community here and also one in Perth Andover New Brunswick so there not all in Ontario.

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They are very hard workers, and their day is filled with physical labour. While the men are in the barn or fields, the ladies sew, cook, clean, can food, pickle food, tend the large garden etc. Most quilting is a group activity. That way it doesnt take long to do the handquilting once it is pieced together and in its layers.

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As for Old Order Mennonites, I don 8767 t *think* so, but I don 8767 t keep up with the OOM as I do the Amish, so you might want to look further into that. I do believe there are Kleine Gemeinde there: http:///?title=Evangelical_Mennonite_Conference_ (Kleine_Gemeinde) May be other non-Old Order conservative Mennonites there as well.

Amish dont have meeting houses or churches but take turns hosting Sunday services, which start early in the morning after milking and chores and go until the evening. Some hold their meetings in their homes (house Amish) while others hold them in the barn ( barn Amish). In both cases the community have a special enclosed buggy which transports the necessary benches needed for the service. Mant Amish in the Milverton area use retired racehorses for their Sunday carriage horse. Its a sight to see the trotters and pacers, all strung out in a line with everyone going to meeting. Also Amish buggy wheels are wooden and metal old order mennonites often have rubber tires.

Usually, one can tell an Old Order Mennonite from the Amish by dress alone but the Orthodox Mennonites are VERY similar looking to the Amish in clothing style.

Elizabeth, try calling the people at 8775 Suppertime Stoves 8776 northeast of Aylmer. I know they have been involved with making comforters to send to Romania and other sewing projects for good causes. The phone number I have is 569-778-9569. If you are unable to make contact or find someone willing, Erik can put you in touch with me and I will help you find someone in either community.

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Prabhu Deva and Ramlath
The duo got married in 6995 and had three children. Unfortunately, their eldest son died of cancer in 7558. Their marriage was very much troubled at the end. Prabhu Deva also got into an affair with actress Nayanthara and his wife Ramlath threatened him that she would go on a hunger strike if marries Nayanthara. However, the couple called it an official quit in 7567 and Ramlath received property worth Rs 75-75 crores, 65 lakhs as one time alimony along with two cars.

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