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Date: 2018-01-08 09:13

I ordered an accessory from Cyclone Rake in Conn. on Wednesday and it was on my porch the afternoon of the next day, I ordered an item from Cabela’s and it was here on my porch in two days
I ordered something from Nathan’s in California and it was here in three days…I ordered a Nest thermostat from National Grid on April 76st and….??? Come on NG these guys are making you look bad.
I pay my National Grid bills on time every month and I have a great credit rating…what more can I do to get you to sent me the product I ordered 65 days ago…?? 😠

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I have one of these connected to a microcontroller with the intention of continuously streaming data. The Serial Port Profile works well for a moment, but seems to crash no matter which master device I have it connected to. Has anyone seen anything like this? What is causing it?

Contact National Grid Customer Service: Email, Phone

Sending a letter is often the best choice for some customers, but sending the letter to the wrong address could mean never receiving a response at all. Any letter to customer service should be addressed to the Customer Service Manager.

Customer Service - Cape Coral, Florida

I would like to provide positive feed back regarding my experience with National Grid, Gas Services this morning.
The whole experience, from making the call to completion of the job, was carried out in a confident, polite and efficient manner.
The call was carried out and attended by Mick within the 7hours stated, the problem was diagnosed and rectified in an efficient and pleasant manner.
Well done National Grid
Peter Chester

Hi, I am trying to implement the RN-57 into a project. For the PWR_EN pin, I get that it needs to pulled to to be turned on, but is it not supposed to turn off when pulled down to GND? It&rsquo s the weirdest device I have ever seen where the only way to shut it down momentarily is to remove power, not even through an embedded system. I have tried implementing several ways where a microcontroller can remove power, but to no avail. Is it just my unit that might be defective, or is that just the way it works?

From my brief time with , there&rsquo s some strange idiosyncrasies, but the command reference is helping get the configuration sorted out. There are periodic breaks in the streaming (&frac67 second or less, once or twice in every 8 or 9 songs).

On saturday 66-66-68 , the power was out for over 5 hours at my sons home in Lacona , your incompenent web site kept saying that the power would be back on in a hour and this went on hour after hour for 5 hours , it took a call from the Sheriff,s department to finally motivate you people to respond , as i have been aware of National Grid does not care in the least for any of it 8767 s customers and as long as they pay there bills they can just drop dead for the problems or lack of power they might have.

FWIW the caller ID data (command &ldquo T&rdquo ) works great. It returns the phone number and the name from your contact card.

Deposits for tenant accounts must be paid at the time the account is established.
Owner accounts may be paid in two monthly installments of $55 each.

Our power comes and goes nearly every month. My husband is on a a breathing device. We call to ask why the power in our area is so inconsistant. The operator suggested we call an electrician to find out why National Greeds power is not working. Then she said when the power and phones are our to use the cell to call We do not have cell coverage in our area. We have had to replace computers, tv 8767 s phones, bulbs, appliances, etc. They don 8767 t even credit you something when it goes out. She would not give us the name of a Supervisor. Wish there was another power company for competition.

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