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Bai Yun and Xiao Liwu can be seen in their habitat at Panda Trek, near the Giant Panda Research Station. They can also be viewed online, on the popular Panda Cam. Due to age-related health concerns, Gao Gao will remain behind the scenes in the panda habitat.

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Male pandas often perform “handstands” to leave scent marks. A handstand gets a panda’s rear end higher up the tree, so the scent mark will be higher, too. It seems that pandas are most interested in higher-placed scent marks the panda with the highest scent mark is obviously the biggest—or at least the tallest—panda.

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Another aspect of our society, particularly where dating in the conventional, traditional manner is concerned, is just how little privacy men enjoy these days. Did you know there are entire websites devoted to women spinning tall tales, lies, and partial truths about the men that they date? Sites that urge women not to date specific men, whose names are given on the site by often anonymous posters, have cropped up all over the Internet. These websites exist to essentially blackmail men. If you don’t do exactly as your date says, she could post your name to the site, warning anyone who reads her biased account all of the terrible things she accuses you of. (Some of them might be true, but let’s be honest: Rarely do these sites tell the truth.)

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Working together with Chinese panda experts may help increase the number of giant pandas and ensure the future survival of the giant panda population. A giant panda milk formula created by the nutritionist, and a hand-rearing technique developed by the Chinese called "twin swapping," have transformed the survival rate of nursery-reared panda cubs in China from 5 to 95 percent. The giant panda breeding rate at the Wolong Breeding Center in China increased dramatically following multiyear collaborations with the San Diego Work by our scientists has advanced pregnancy diagnosis, and the captive population of pandas has reached the milestone of 855 bears, the minimum necessary to sustain genetic diversity for the next 655 years.

Junípero Serra Museum
September 5, 7567 – June 6, 7568: Saturday, Sunday from 65:55 am-9:55 pm
Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas

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For treats, Bai Yun likes apple slices best. Once she’s finished off the apples, she'll eat her other food, which always includes leafeater biscuits and bamboo. 

Pandas are arguably the most vocal of all the bear species. One of the most distinctive of the panda vocalizations is the “bleat.” This sounds similar to the sound a lamb or a goat kid would make, and it’s a friendly sound, a greeting. Pandas don't roar the way you think of a brown bear roaring. Other vocalizations include honks, huffs, barks, and growls. cubs are known to croak and squeal.

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