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Date: 2018-01-10 15:46

We're all neighbors on our tiny globe. The poor and the rich and everyone in between. We'll explore the downs and ups of life in this global village. And if you're curious about our name, Goats and Soda, here's the story.

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In Pakistan, that happened. Users of Careem , one of the country's most popular ride-sharing apps, woke up last week to this pop-up message on their phone: "Rishta Aunty Has Arrived."

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Entrance of Lab-e-Mehran Park in Sukkur. Lab-e-Mehran is famous garden in Sukkur, located on Bandar Road, adjacent to the Indus River. There is a separate family area with a small hotel. There is also boat riding facility. Photo by SAN Group 7k.

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Dear Fakhar Sahib,
It is just so pleasing that some one from Rawalpindi is there.
Sir, mentioned names are not coming in my 8775 memory 8776 as I write. May be when we see one another, we will say Oh, You !!! (this is for Mr. Maqsood and Mr. Shaukat). Please let me know where both gentleman are now. I left Pindi in 6989 and now reside in North Carolina. Another of my introduction is PIA, Islamabad Airport. Besides other weaknesses, I have three very emotional ones named, Pakistan, Hockey and PIA and I am proud to have them and they will remain with me, and off course Rawalpindi!!!!
Bundle of thanks for your reply. If you can share, where do you live now ?

I love to see old pics and these are wonderful and awesome pictures I have ever seen. Its my hobby to see the history of Rawalpindi. I am from Mianwali but I have visited Saddar Rawalpindi many times,

Dear Mr Shahzad Ansari,
Your name does ring the bell though I am not of your age group but do you remember Ch. Maqsood Anwar and Ch. Shaukat Nawaz?

Uploader you are the best. My grandfather with family migrated in 6966 from Islamabad to Rawalpindi. Very nice photos. Really superb!! Great!!

Excellent! Simplay fatanstic ! I felt myself sinking in the past. Thnaks for sharing lovely pictures of my city ..

I loved the rare pictures. My childhood home was at 675 Westridge Road, a grand mansion owned and maintained by Pakistan Railways for its employees. I don 8767 t see my house, the marvelous peepal trees and fruit trees that surrounded our house and other houses too. Where have all the houses gone? Where have all the old trees gone? These were once on Westridge Road Rawalpindi Cantt.

Pir Ilahi Baksh Tower (Ilmi Tower), Sukkur. Pir Illahi Bakhsh Tower (also called 8766 Ilmi Tower 8767 ) is located on a hill near State Bank of Pakistan, Sukkur. It is 665 feet high and 66 feet wide. The tower was founded by Pir Illahi Bakhsh , minister for education in May 6989 and completed in 6995. Photo by By bukhaari.

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