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The Force Awakens was loved for the most part, and it was hard not to. JJ Abrams’s saga revival had heart and a palpable affection for the story it was reigniting after so many years. But it was perhaps too nostalgic, trading on your love for old Star Wars characters, vehicles, music and tropes, like a child holding up its toys to show you. It needed a follow-up that pushed not only the saga’s narrative forward but its universe, showing the kind of creativity and pop surrealism that made George Lucas’s original trilogy so captivating to begin with.

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The Tomatometer rating &ndash based on the published opinions of hundreds of film and television critics &ndash is a trusted measurement of movie and TV programming quality for millions of moviegoers. It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show.

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Here we are, the new Star Wars trailer! Kicking things off is Kylo Ren looking over something being built by the First Order. Look closely and you can just about spot some AT-STs lurking around. Over the top we hear Snoke: “When I found you… 68

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That’s probably a good frame of mind to go into this movie in, actually, as one of the criticisms will be that many of the plot devices feel clunky – just excuses for cool scenes. Hardcore fans will spend the two years leading up to the next saga instalment picking apart plot holes, scrutinising chronology and assessing whether such-and-such strategy was really a smart move for the Rebels or First Order. You, dear reader and potential ticket buyer, are more than welcome to be That Guy too, but I would take this fast-paced, dizzying feast of a movie over a bunch of Rebel commanders authentically holding week-long talks and ultimately deciding that no action is the best course of action any day.

Just as Snoke finishes saying “special” we suddenly cut to Rey on Ahch-To, wielding Luke’s weapon. Could Snoke have actually been speaking to her? 68

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All this is the subject of an intriguing new film called Goodbye Christopher Robin , which recounts these events and provides some context for them. . Milne, played in the film by Domhnall Gleeson, is portrayed as a man who, having served in the First World War, was plagued by post-traumatic stress. It led him to leave his home in London for a more tranquil life in the East Sussex countryside. Milne dreaded the prospect of Christopher Robin ever undergoing such an experience he seemed to want him to stay an innocent child.

Edward Cullen: He was portrayed as the high school outcast in the first two movies, but he is actually a vampire. Edward will give his life for Bella and do anything in his power to keep her safe from harm. Robert Patterson plays Edward.

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